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A cross-curricular artist, I work with music and visual art to transport audiences into a realm where you can perceive and 

appreciate art holistically.

Composed of four large-scale digital works, accompanied by a specially composed musical soundscape, all created by me. The installation captures the journey made by over six million war horses between 1914 and 1918. Trench Horses is designed to draw upon the hardship that wildlife endures during human conflict, with the hope of encouraging communities to become more mindful of the collateral damage inflicted upon the natural world. 


When visiting galleries as a child, my attention span was poor, despite plenty of excitement prior to each exhibition. I soon discovered that listening to music whilst I studied each artwork drastically influenced my imagination and concentration. Instead of limiting my thoughts, the music guided me to a deeper response to the paintings and vice versa. The fusion of visual art and music sees the collaboration of two mediums that depend on each other, and in turn, inspire one another. 


This concept is designed to communicate with others who share a love for visual art and music. As each visual work only resembles a snapshot in time, the musical narration will enable you to interact with the body of work as an entire story. 

Immerse yourself in a multi-dimensional artistic journey, where music and visual art converge to create a unique palette of expression.

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